Virtual Gala 2016

The Virtual Gala results have now been published in the February edition of Swimming Times so are available to view below:

National Finalists 2017

Congratulations to the National Finalists 2017 in both the Cup Final and the B Final which will take place in Cardiff.

Cup Final - 9th April 2017
Lane  Club League
0 City of Milton Keynes EAST MIDLANDS          
1 Wycombe SOUTH
2 City of Oxford SOUTH                     
3 Stockport Metro NORTH WEST                 
4 Guildford City SOUTH
5 Millfield WESTERN
6 Plymouth Leander WESTERN   
7 City of Cardiff WESTERN
8 teamipswich LONDON            
9 City of Derby WEST MIDLANDS                 
 B Final - 8th April 2017
Lane  Club  League
0 Chelsea & Westminster LONDON                      
1 City of Peterborough EAST MIDLANDS                   
2 Hillingdon LONDON
3 Ealing LONDON
4 Thanet SOUTH
5 Sevenoaks SOUTH
6 Hatfield LONDON
7 City of Liverpool NORTH WEST
8 Swansea Aquatics WESTERN
9 Boldmere WEST MIDLANDS                     

ASA Thanks the Queen for Patronage

The ASA would like to thank Her Majesty The Queen for her patronage over the last 63 years.

The Queen became the organisation’s patron on 6 March 1953 and has been a great champion of swimming and water safety.

Her Majesty will step down as Patron of the ASA at the end of this year, with her patronage passing to HRH The Duke of Cambridge.

Full story here

Use of Backstroke Ledges

Backstroke ledges must not be used at the Premier finals in each of the seven leagues in 2016.

As the results are entered into a virtual gala of 42 teams then the conditions at each of the seven galas need to be the same so that there is a level playing field.

Improved Gala Documentation Round 3 - 2016

Following feedback from Round 2 we have some updated Gala Documentation that is available to download from here

The files have all been updated for the final round to try to ensure that rankings submissions will not contain any errors. It will also make it easier to prepare the rankings files as the 4 digit club code can now be added to the gala set up page, the instructions contain a list of valid club codes.

Please try to use these documents for the final round.


Gala Documentation 2016

We have a new set of Gala Documentation available on the website for download, the main change is that clubs can now validate their team sheet against the British Rankings Database which will pick up any errors. This year we have licensed some of the galas with round one proving a challenge with numerous errors in the results (swimmer details) producing rejections from the licensing authority.

We realise this has been released quite late for Round Two but would ask as many clubs as possible to try it, if we can get it right then we have more chance of our vision of every league, every round being licensed which will be a big benefit for the swimmers and clubs.

The documents can be downloaded in the Gala Documentation Section here
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